Making a SPLASH for Red Bull

It’s finally HERE!

Peter’s latest for Red Bull rich, sharp and (of course) splashy.  

That’s right… 100% wings — get ready!

Check it out:

It was great to work with the crew from Kastner & Partners here in Toronto.  We’re still buzzing from all those energy drinks…

Playing Doctor

It was a full house here with the folks from Lehman Millet in from Boston and some awesome and personable talent on set here in Toronto.

We’re cooking up a little something that is sure to turn heads - in the meantime take a peek at some choice behind-the-scenes action & stay tuned for the final retouched images for this project.  


Colin makes quite the fetching Surgeon:

A little “hand” direction from Peter & Jon on set…



Peter joins Laura from Judy for a little grooming:


On day two, things start to get a little messy…image






Peter is pretty stylin’ in his new painter’s hat:




Can you guess how it’s going to come together?

Seeing Double

We were on set with Tony & crew from John St. recently and - whoa - there was a little confusion from time to time…

Brothers from other mothers?

Once we got over the doppelganger action, everyone was hard at work, with a little Olympic coverage in the background to keep them going:

The shoot even featured Peter’s favourite accent colour:

The big reveal is coming in April… stay tuned!

Citrus Splash

Keep it fresh with Neutrogena’s latest wipes - hot off the Schafrick presses in collaboration with the fine folks at DDB.

Slowing it down for The CMA Awards

If you were lucky enough to attend the CMA Awards last night, you would have been greeted with a little video-opener directed by Peter himself.

We had the pleasure of working with the creative team at Leo Burnett to forge the new CMA Campaign for this year.  To go along with the print-ads (seen here & here), Peter directed a very impressive slow-motion spot with the help of none other than our childhood friend: Lego.

Want to see more? 
Check out our behind the scenes post here!

Peter + RedBull = WINGS

That’s right… we all know the old adage: Redbull gives you WINGS!

…but wait - that’s not all! 

Stay tuned for Total Zero Motion - coming soon from Schafrick!

The Award Winning Run

More praise for the Colors That Run Campaign via Graphis today as the banner created from Peter’s image wins in the poster category.

Congrats are in order… this was a fantastic (and delightfully messy) project to work on with the creative talent over at Vitro.

Did you miss this one?
Check out the full in-store campaign came here.

CMA in Motion

We’re excited to share a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek to our upcoming motion spot for the Canadian Marketing Awards. 

If you liked the dissected print version of these ads, then just wait until you get a load of what we’ve done for their video spot!

Set design took some time…

So we made ourselves useful by prepping the Lego stand-ins.  A very prestigious endeavor, I assure you:

It’s also important to check that everything is working according to specifications before we start:

From concept…

…to reality:

A few final tweaks and we’re ready to go…

Peter takes on some shrapnel in the process - all in the name of obtaining the perfect shot:

Our crew was incredible- with a contagious, high energy throughout the day… and well into the night! 
Special thanks to Andrew, Lanny, Shinjiro, Michael, Justin, Pete, Sarah & Andy.   From Lego-wrangling to set building to keeping us organized we couldn’t have done it without you.


Meet the fancy-pants computer operated Momba!  But don’t let her sleek demeanor fool you, she demands respect.  A few Legos got out of line and she set them straight.  Squish.

Ahhhhh—-and we’ll end off with the man of the hour, Schafrick himself, well lit and looking stoic:

Now trust me when I tell you that you want to stay tuned to see how the whole thing came together in the end. 


Err… did I give too much away?

Faceless Canadian’s Hard at Work


Check out that Canadian Spirit! 

Stephen’s wayyy ahead of you CRTC.
All set to head back to high school and set a good example, eh?

CMA Awards - Part 2

It’s happening… if you have the latest issue of Marketing Magazine, you’ll see one of Peter’s images showcased on the back cover - sewing needle and all!

It was a blast to put together, but quite an involved process - here are a few making of photos to get you going…


Wire was our friend… we went through a whole roll rigging up the bits to make a whole:


Sketches were made for each piece as items were disassembled to ensure the final “floating” version was accurate:




It took a lot of time and a some painstaking deconstruction to get these images to what you see in the finished product.  Screwdrivers were scattered about, diagrams were constructed, and parts were individually cleaned, many, many q-tips were sacrificed, but we think it was well worth it…



And everyone’s favourite little writing device, the Typewriter:


Special thanks to creative team at Leo Burnett - we had a blast!

If you missed our earlier post, check out the third image from this series - the antique Sewing Machine - it’s worth the click. 

Stay tuned for the sister piece to these fine photos… everything you loved about the above images, but in motion, Schafrick style.

{coming soon!} 

CMA Awards - Part 1

Well, the CMA Awards are just around the corner, and we had the pleasure of collaborating with the fine folks over at Leo Burnett to make a campaign that breaks it all down. 

You know… it takes a lot to get to the top.

Here is the first installment of three meticulously dissected and suspended vintage relics.

As with all marketing… the devil’s in the details:

…stay tuned…

StriVectin Has Arrived

Check it out…
Peter’s latest punchy, elegant cosmetic campaign for StriVectin:



Kaleidoscopic Tea

Iced tea meets some Schafrick style in a throw back to the excitement of discovering shapes & colours with a simple, mystical kaleidoscope - check out Peter’s latest work for Lipton: